Covid-19 Church Update

Dear Calvary Memorial Church members:

On April 1 Illinois governor Pritzker extended the “Stay at home” order throughout the month as a needed response to our current health crisis. As good citizens and concerned Christians we will, of course, cooperate as fully as we are able by adopting the guidelines that have been established and continuing to creatively remain connected with those who need our help.
To this end we will plan to live stream our worship services on April 5, 12 (Easter), 19 and 26 at 10:30 AM. You can view these presentations on our website at We are working hard to prepare and display these in the most effective manner possible. If you watched our first (March 22) and second (March 29) attempts, I am sure that you noticed a big improvement.
Also, if you need to meet with any of our pastors individually for prayer or counsel, we remain available to do so either over the telephone or in person if you are not currently exhibiting any symptoms of the virus. Also, you can communicate your prayer requests to us through our website and we will include them in our pastoral prayer as we live stream. Covid-19 is a serious problem to be sure, but our God is greater. I know that He will keep us safe and give us the victory as we put our trust in Him.
To those who have given financially during this time, thank you so much for your gracious generosity and faithfulness.  If you haven’t done so as of yet, you can mail your tithes to us (2715 N. Alpine Rd. ~ Rockford, IL ~ 61114) or give online through our website ( Either way, we will make sure that you are credited accordingly.
Please join your pastors in praying that we will be able to resume physically meeting together in some form or fashion in the month of May. Until then, be assured that we miss you all so very much and are remembering each of you in prayer daily.
Sincerely yours,

Pastor David Petty

    Philippians 1:3-6

Covid-19 Church update

Dear Calvary Memorial Church members:

How are you doing? Please reach out to me (815-985-9729) if there is anything I can do to help. Throughout this current crisis I will be here for you and soon we will be back to gathering as a church family on a regular basis.

Have you checked out our  website at We recorded our service for March 22 with our Praise Band  leading worship and Pastor  Ed preaching lesson one of his four part Lenten sermon series. This was our first attempt, so we will make some adjustments and try again this Sunday.

Also, notice that you can now securely give online (Just follow the simple steps on our website) or, if that doesn’t work for you, mail your gift to the church (2715 N. Alpine Rd. ~ Rockford, IL ~ 61114). Either way, we will make sure that you are credited accordingly. Thank you to all who have already done so. Your faithfulness and generosity are greatly appreciated..

It is still  our hope that we can resume meeting by Easter Sunday, April 12. Would you please join me in prayer about this? In the meantime we trust God’s promise to use all of this for our good and His glory (Romans 8:28). 

Sincerely yours,
Pastor David Petty                                                                                                                                                         Philippians 1:3-6

Covid-19 church update

Dear Calvary Memorial Church Members;

We are so sorry to have to inform you that, in cooperation with the state of Illinois' Covid-19 "Stay at home order," we will not be able to host any of our regular services at Calvary through April 7th.

During this difficult time you can, of course, you can contact anyone of the pastors for pastoral care at any time.

Pastor David Petty @815-985-9729
Pastor Ed Tinsley @815-540-4824
Pastor Dave Symonds @815-668-3815

You will also want to familiarize yourself with our newly updated church website @ for ongoing church news and live church on Sunday at 10:30 each week on YouTube, and recorded messages on our website and Apple iTunes, for ministry in the Word.

This situation will, of course, mean that we will not be able to collect offerings, our only source of church income, for at least three Sundays, and will depend upon the ongoing donations of members who have remaining income themselves to plan to continue their regular giving either on line (just follow the simple steps on our websites homepage, text a amount to 815-207-8877, or you can mail to;

Calvary Memorial Church
2715 North Alpine Road
Rockford, IL. 61114

It's our hope that we can resume meeting by Easter Sunday, April 12th. Until then, One of your pastors will reach out from time to time by telephone or email to see how you are doing and how we can pray for you. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

Sincerely yours

Pastoral staff

Covid-19 What we are doing as a Church

During the Covid-19 crisis, please plan to be a responsible church member by doing the following:

1. If you feel ill or are exhibiting any symptoms, please stay home.

2. Use the antibacterial soap located in each of our restrooms and hand sanitizer located by the worship bulletins.

3. Refrain from greeting fellow members with handshakes or hugs.

4. Refrain from using your uncovered hands to open doors.

5. Should we be forced to cancel services in the future, please plan to familiarize yourself with our online services that will allow you to hear recorded lessons.

. . and with our website for announcements about our updated service schedule and information on how to make donations.