Covid-19 Church Update

May 8, 2020
Dear Calvary Community:

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 disconnected from our church family, we want to challenge you to not let the restrictions keep you from expressing your love and appreciation  to the women God has used in your life to bless you through the years. Be creative and God can use this  situation to make the holiday even more meaningful.
Also, please plan to stay informed about Calvary’s ongoing ministries by planning to familiarize yourself with the many services available on our website at There you can watch the livestream broadcast of our regular Sunday morning worship at 10:30, catch up on past services that you might have missed,  give an offering and share your prayer requests.
You can also help us out by sharing this letter with any members for whom we do not have email addresses and encouraging them to stay in touch with us regarding their needs. Our pastors can be reached as needed at their individual telephone numbers - David Petty: 815-985-9729, Ed Tinsley: 815-540-4824, Dave Symonds: 815-668-3815. In addition, you can feel free to mail donations or other correspondence to us at 2715 North Alpine Road ~ Rockford, IL ~ 61114.
It appears as if we may possibly be able to gather again in June and we are praying to that end. When we do, it will likely include some adjustments so that we can respect the boundaries that are set for us. We will be holding an Elder Board meeting on May 17 to discuss and prepare for this, I (David) will be preaching a series of lessons online (“Better Together”) to aid us in anticipating what lies ahead, and we will inform you as soon as anything changes in anyway.
In closing, some of you  may be having a hard time with what to do in the meantime. Our pastors would like to direct your attention to two important passages: ROMANS 13:1-5 (“Submit . . . to the governing authorities for there is no authority except that  which God has established.”) and I TIMOTHY 2:1-4 (“I urge you that . . . prayers . . . be  made for . . . all those in authority.”). In other words, be thankful that the difficult decisions of state leadership are not yours to make and ask God to bless those who carry this burden as we wait for Him to move.

On behalf of the entire Calvary Ministry Team,
Pastor David Petty
Philippians 1:3-6